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      Hello, Welcome to my site. You might know me from other sites that I either administrated or co-administrator of such sites as "The Virtual Matrix", of which is my own site, or "Total Anarchy" which I am co-administrator with a friend of mine. Within this site, contains many of my own beliefs on several contraversial issues, such as, The Paranormal, the ideas that extra-terrestrial life is in fact out there, and why we aren't ready to greet that intelligence yet, among many more ideas and Items to ponder. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the information that I have set before you on this site.

Website Infrastructure

Paranormal Investigation This site is devoted to all of you believers in ghosts and other Paranormal Phenomina.
Unidentified Flying Objects The is a site for all of you who've seen lights or objects in the sky that you can't quite explain.
Paranormal Links This is a page with all links pertaining to Paranormal Phenomina.
Games! Games! Games! This page is all about those games that you played as a child (if you're 20ish) and want the memories back, and other stupid fun games.
UFO Links This website is a site that links to other UFO sites (skeptics, and believers)
Rollercoaster Tycoon This site is a new addition to this site and is a place to download track designs for Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Personal Favorites This webpage is linked up to many of my own personal favororite sites on the web.
Search Engines This webpage contains links to all the Search Engines that I know of.
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