Last updated 7th May 2005.

My real name is Jan and I am a yada-yada...from Denmark. dk

I like electro-industrial, electro, industrial, soul, folk and some old music.
The latter two is my braindamaged patrimony. I used to make electro myself in 
the early nineties. My favs are Depeche Mode, FLA, Vomito Negro, Yello,
Rammstein, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Eurythmics, Front 242...

I play several MUD's and spam some forums. Lately (2005) I have been playing
AO - for a month, then I was fed up. Made a list of Skills AO 15.8.4 Skill Charts I play PC games. No kidding. My fav *was* SW:KotOR... It's something about some amnesiac with a little skull...or was that *pondering* hm....yes, I like that too. When it was By Gamers For Gamers it rocked, when it wasnt - it sucked. Now it's R.I.P'ped and Stripped. And blah-blah-blah <insert something profound> Anyway, here is some information I've gathered & copy-pasted during my Imperial mud experience: The spell list, Equipment lists, Rank lists, Commandable mob lists, Headhunter lists, Corpses lists, Races lists. Btw, in case you get a strange tell asking for id's of equipment it could be me: Gromnir (r10, Avenger), Jan (r10, Necro), Rad (r8, Druid), Mortu (r6, Assassin), Deus (r3, Healer), Davik (r3, Rogue), Ondo (r3, Ranger), Malak (r2, Conjurer).

The Chunky Pages (refers to content formatting)

  • #New Equipment list#Sorted by class & subclass
  • Skills & spells list. (Frame based) (297KB total)
  • Ranks & Emperor levels. (10KB)
  • Dragon Skills list. (8KB)
  • Races. (7KB)
  • Necromancy. (8KB)
  • Headhunting. (22KB)
  • Personal tid-bits...no, not tits!
  • My UGLY MUCK shots.
  • If you see this...get lost, imageless freak!