The following is an excerpt from February's PCGamer interview with Jon St. John, the man who does the voice over work for Duke Nukem:


PCGAMER: Who would win in a fight, you or Bruce Campbell? Have you ever met him?

JonSt: Good question! I think that would be me (based on the fact that I am a larger man than Bruce, I'm not a pampered Hollywood actor, and I fight dirty.) Have I ever met him? No, I don't believe that I have ever met Bruce, but I do remember him from Brisco County Jr., and THE EVIL DEAD, and I understand that he's now doing some multimedia voice-overs. Hey Bruce...I'm not out there trying to get film roles... how about leaving the voice-overs to us voice guys, huh?

PCGAMER: Do you ever feel embarresed for taking some of Bruce Campbell's trademark lines?

JonSt: Ummm... nope. I don't write the scripts --I just lend my voice to them. But you must admit, Duke makes them sound like his own. -------------------------------

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