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This page is devoted to politicians that never answer a question directly.

Also, I devote part of this page to all the people with handicap stickers that have no mobility problems. I am a handicap VET in a wheelchair, and I am damn tired of having to park out in the lot because some yo-yo with a broken finger and a handicap permit, got the handicap spot next to the door.

And in general, just gripes about the way handicap are treated as second class.

Counter set 5/15/97

I have MS, and as it gets harder to walk, the wheelchair replaces my legs. To me,there is nothing worse than trying to find a handicap spot to park and unload my chair. I always thought handicap parking was for the mobility impaired. You know, people with walking problems. Not so in this good town of Lufkin, in the Great State of Texas. Doctors hand out requests for permits and the state issues them. For any reason. For example, the guy here in Lufkin with the bright red 1995 Corvette with handicap plates. If he can drive a Corvette, he doesn't have a mobility problem. Or the 4X4 blue Ford truck with a lift kit. I measured the height to step into the cab one day while it was sitting in a handicap spot. Thirty inches to step up. What is his handicap? Besides lack of brains.

The city of Lufkin, Texas does nothing to enforce the regulations of handicap violations. As I was informed by the city, as long as the vehicle has the permit, it doesn't matter about the individual. And the police are not allowed to inquire about a person's handicap. I think a person should be permitted, and not the vehicle. There should be a permit with the person's name and what their handicap is. Then put that permit on the dashboard when THEY use a spot.

The major stores here like K-Mart and Walmart do nothing to help either. Walmart is bad about setting up tent sales in the parking lot which block easy access to the spots. So far, only talking about the Lufkin, Texas stores.

Trying to get help in a store......

I recently went into the local Walmart store in my wheelchair. Good odds if you are in a "chair", you could use some help. It was amazing how all the store associates, as they like to be called, can disappear when they see a wheelchair coming. Then what blew my mind, was when at the checkout, the cashier asked me if I would like a basket to take my purchases out. Like I got four arms! I think all their employees should try tolling a wheelchair and push a basket at the same time. I unloaded the sack, managed to stuff my purchases down beside me, and rolled out. Walmart just lost a customer. If you have had problems being handicap, and shopping at Walmart, visit their site at Walmart Stores. Inc and email the company President at

Trying to get help from elected officials

My State Senator is Drew Nixon. He represents Lufkin and surrounding areas. His email is never answered no matter how many times you write. I keep asking for help or at least some response on handicap issues. Yea, right! When pigs fly. He is smart though. No direct email. His site has a forms gizmo.

My State Representative is Jim McReynolds. He has no direct contact other than snail mail. And needless to say, it don't get answered either.

Why should either of these guys worry about the handicap? We don't contribute enough money to do them any good. They don't even acknowledge we exist.

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