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Figured I'd put something here other than a dead end. Geocities is good enough for this since its merely text'n'stuff...
Only links I consider worthy.

usr/bin/girl - .zannah. at Stormwerks
vox machina - more .zannah.

%ps aux - Narika

Kompulsive - Allison

TOOLBAND - the Official page
Dissectional - Images / thoughts

MJK - All praises

t.d.n - all a TOOLphile needs

Shoutweb - Real music for real people

Elfwood - Amateur fantasy artists



Counter-Strike - to feed the need
Counter-Strike NZ - server lists and other such necessaries

NZGames - up to date local information

More to follow as I remember 'em.

Also: my first thoughts of APC.

Made with care by Mat.

If you handn't already figured out
I'm using this as a page of re-discovery.
There was a time I could html in my sleep...
This small page has been a struggle,
I got Netscape, I got lazy.
No more.