Antiracist links


Aksjon Stopp Nazistene(Action Stop the Nazis, Norway)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee(USA)
Anti-Defomation League(USA)
AntiFascistiska Sektionen(AntiFascist Section, Sweden)
  • Antifascist Web
    Anti-IIRAIRA site(USA)
    Anti Nazi Hemsidan(Anti Nazi Homepage, Sweden)
    Anti Nazi League(UK, unofficial)
    Anti-Racisme informationCentrum(AntiRacism informationCentre, the Netherlands)
    Anti-Racisme informationCentrum-Rotterdam(Netherlands)
  • The Anti-Racism Resources Home Pages
    Antirassismusbüro, Bremen(Antiracism Bureau, Germany)
    Anti-Rassismus informationsZentrum-Berlin(AntiRacism informationCentre, Germany)
    Anti-Rassismus informationsZentrum-Duisburg(Germany)
    Antirassistische Initiative-Berlin(Antiracist Initiative in Berlin, Germany)
    Antiracist Center(Norway)
    Artists Against Racism(Canada)
    la Campagne de la jeunesse contre le racisme, la xénophobie, l'antisémitisme et l'intolérance(Campaign of youth against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerence, Belgium)
  • Computerusers Against Racism Expressions
    Folkebevægelsen Mod Nazisme(People's Movement Against Nazism, Denmark)
    Folkfest mot Rasism(People's party against Racism, Sweden)
  • Global Nomads International
  • International Interracial Association
  • Interracial Voice
    Joves per a la Igualtat i la Solidaritat l'Hospitalet(Youth for Equality and Solidarity of Hospitalet, Catalonia, Spanish State)
    Korean League Against The Aryan Nations(USA)
    Manifestation á Strasbourg le 29 mars 1997(Manifestation in Strasbourg on the 29th of Mars, 1997, France)
    Mr Strix berättar den nakna sanningen om den svenska extremhögern(Mr Strix tells the naked truth about the Swedish extreme-right, Sweden)
    Multikulturelles Zentrum(Multicultural Centre, Germany)
    Mångkulturellt Centrum(Multicultural Centre, Sweden)
    Nazism Exposed(Norway)
  • Nizkor Project
  • Nizkor Support Site
    Raíces(Roots, Spain)
    Recovering Racists Network(USA)
    Regnbuen antirasistiske organisasjon(Rainbow Antiracist Organization, Norway)
    Regnbågen(Rainbow, Sweden)
    Sans Papiers(France)
  • The Skinhead International
    SOS Arrazakeria(SOS Racism, Basque Country, Spanish State)
    Blindern SOS-Rasisme
    Trondheim SOS-Rasisme
    Toronto Coalition Against Racism(Canada)
    Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes Bund der Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten(Association of Survivors of the Nazi-regimes-League of Antifascists, Germany)
    Zeitschrift Antirassistischer Gruppen(Magazine of Antiracist Groups, Germany)

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