Updated December 16, 2000!

Congratulations Kendall McCord--the latest Pageantry South Cover Girl!  Click the cover to learn more about Kendall!  Check out previous winners in the Cover Girl gallery.  Check out all of December's entries here.  Next deadline is Feb. 16.

Meet Tina Rowan, director for Southern Lavender and Lace.  Learn more about Tina and the southern version of Lavender and Lace...the pageant where Queens are Supreme!

If you've never won a single cash prize $1000 or more, then be sure to check out the Novice Grand National!  It's the biggest national pageant for novice contestants only.

Kentucky contestants...don't miss Pageantry South in Kentucky!

ATTENTION DIRECTORS:  Send in your pageant photos for a FREE Behind the Scenes feature in Pageantry South! e-mail now for the scoop on how!

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