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Welcome to our Homestead (also accessable as http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/3192 or just http://www.reocities.com/timjlarson- Originally staked out the 1492 address (Columbus, you know), but lost it due to inactivity. At least I found another '92 address (the year we moved to Columbus, Ohio)...

Links of Interest

2004 Christmas Card weblog and 2004 Christmas Card picture

University of Illinois at Chicago

Alcatel-Lucent, in what was previously

Lucent Technologies, which used to be part of AT&T

Bell Labs


Shawnee Mission Northwest High School / The Unofficial SMNW site

The Alma Mater, North Park University (it was North Park *College* back then)

Famous Alumni on Pandemonium Online - Sorry, pando's gone...

XNPC (old link)

Go U NU!


Chicago, Illinois
Ashland, Wisconsin
Oak Lawn, Illinois

Pomeroy (& Palmer), Iowa

Lenexa, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas

Iron County, Michigan: The part of Iron River formerly known as Stambaugh and Iron River

North Aurora, Illinois (best website I could find...)
Pickerington, Ohio


Info on Tim and Breaking Circus




Wallace & Gromit

Evangelical Covenant Church
Grace Covenant Church, Iron River, Michigan
North Park Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois
Batavia Covenant Church, Batavia, Illinois
Faith Covenant Church, Westerville, Ohio

comments to Tim....

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