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"The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease

in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles."

-Samuel Hahnemann Organon of the Medical Art

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), founder of homeopathy



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Homeopathic Consultation


Homeopathy is a branch of Natural Medicine, which is effective, holistic, safe and nontoxic, preventative, more economical that conventional medicine. Homeopathy consists of giving the patient, in weak or infinitesimal doses, the substance which, if administered to a healthy subject, would cause symptoms similar to the patient's own pathological symptoms. It bases on the Law of Similars described by Samuel Hahnemann in his 'Organon of the Medical Art'.This law formulates the parallel action between the toxicological power of a given substance and its therapeutic action.

Other important principals of homeopathy are: Minimum Dose; One remedy at a time; Remedy for the person not for the disease; Direction of cure according to Hering's Law; Doctrine of miasm.


Practice of homeopathy is highly individualized. Selection of a homeopathic remedy based on a person's genetic history, personal health history, body type, and present status of all physical, emotional and mental symptoms. For example, two patients, both suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, might well receive different homeopathic prescriptions.


During a consultation a homeopath examines and listens to his patients while they explain in as many details as possible their present symptoms, thoughts and feelings and the past history which has led up to the present reason for homeopathic consulting. After recording the patient's case, a homeopath analyzes the whole picture and by comparing the symptoms to the known remedies in the homeopathic 'Materia Medica' seeks to find the single remedy which best covers the patient's expressed mental, emotional and physical symptoms. This one remedy will be given to the patient in an appropriate potency and frequency of repetition according to the assessment of their need.


In most of the cases Andre Y. Popen uses remedies of LM scale of potencies. That is the advanced and effective way of using homeopathic remedies. After taking the first dose of the remedy the patient will be asked to call the office in three days or before in case of drastic changes. In chronic cases, it sometimes takes 14 or more days, to see if the dose is acting.According to the reaction of the first dose, the patient will be advised when to take the next dose of the remedy and how to adjust it for the best effect.


During the first 3 - 4 weeks the progress of the patient can be monitored over the telephone or via E-mail.

Later, some of the patients may need a follow-up appointment. The number of appointments, number of remedies and amount of treatment vary for each patient according to their condition and its severity.



Naturopathic Consultation


Naturopathy takes an exemption from Pasteurian (traditional or Allopathic Medicine) concept of disease and symptomatic drug-therapy approach to the treatment of disease. The concept of Natural Medicine is based on the irrefutable physiological fact that the primary cause of disease is not the bacteria or virus, but the weakened resistance brought about by man�s health-destroying living habits and physical and emotional stress. Naturopaths emphasize prevention and use remedies that assist the body�s natural healing power, while being careful to select the ones that are least invasive and risky.

First naturopaths were homeopathic physicians who employed diet, healthy life style, exercises, massage and other natural modalities, to remove obstructs on the way of homeopathic cure. Many contemporary naturopaths use herbal remedies in their crude forms, mixtures of different homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements to substitute the over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Maybe this practice is safer than use of chemical drugs, but the approach is still allopathic � to treat a disease. Those naturopaths probably forgot or never learned the fundamental principle of Natural Medicine � to treat a person, not a disease.����

The first consultation usually includes Iridology, urine test (the chemical balance check), nutritional recommendations and designing of the personal health program.




Iridology is a technique that uses observation of the irises of the eyes to determine weak organs or tissues of our body, and possible cause of this weakness. Different points on our irises correspond with different organs of our body. In case of problem, affected organ sends signal to the brain, which changes structure of the iris. So we can see some dots, dislocations between nerve fibers, changes of the color. They modulate sunlight, going through iris to photosensitive cells in our eyes. Photosensitive cells send the signals back to the brain, stimulate our defense mechanism to correct the problem. Iridology allows us to see the problems long before they manifest themselves. So with methods of Natural Medicine we can effectively help our body to heal itself.



Supportive therapies:


"Digital Massage" -- unique massage technique, which bases on combination of Energy Balancing, Shiatsu Therapy, Swedish massage and Russian Medical massage. Massage alters brain waves to boost greater alertness and performance; stimulates the immune system; improves the function of the digestive system; relieves tension, stress and relaxes muscle spasm; improves muscle tone and helps delay or prevent muscular atrophy; improves circulation; helps to reduce edema of the extremities. This massage technique helps to release energy blockages and negative emotions.


Aromatherapy Body and Face Massage -- the enhancement of body, mind and spirit with aromatic, botanical essential oils. The essential oil of each plant is its life force containing both medical and aromatic characteristics. When inhaled and absorbed by the skin, these oils provide tremendous healing and balancing properties. Depending on the essential oil used, Aromatherapy can help you relax, enjoy, rejuvenate, increase mental alertness and much more.


Foot and Hand Reflexology -- a form of massage that consists of compression, where the thumbs are used to apply firm pressure on the palm of the hand or the bottom of the foot in the areas related to various parts of the body. This technique helps to normalize physiological functions in the body, is also very relaxing and beneficial for small muscles and joints of the feet and hands.


Energy Balancing -- is an art of healing through the energy field of the body. By modulating of the Universal Energy Field, therapist can release blocks in the energy Field of recipient, seal the leak of the energy from his weak organ. After correction of the problem on the energy level, the problem in a physical body will be corrected spontaneously.