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Star's Dream

Star's Dream is a palace for all to enjoy, whether alone or with someone special. Please feel free to listen to the music, shop for props in the plentiful prop rooms or just enjoy the scenery. Many rooms have wav files which we hope will make you feel right at home. You will hear the water flowing in the fountain, the birds chirping and even the ducks on the pond. There are lockable rooms and most rooms have midi files to help you enjoy your visit. The palace undergoes changes from time to time so there will always be something new to see. Special thanks go to Aubern© for all the hard work she has done with her fabulous scripting and prop making. She's a wonderful friend and great person so be sure to say hi. Catch22©, who is a fantastic artist, has made some great rooms for me also. Many thanks go to =|koko|= and =|fran|= for their beautiful props. Check out the links to get your palace software and be sure to come and visit.








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