Welcome to my humble hut.

    This homepage contains no fancy stuffs. It serves the sole purpose of having a place on the internet where I can put my photos and some of what I've written. You are welcome to browse through, of course.

    Section Descriptions
    Something about myself Obviously about me 
    Photos Album 1 Melbourne 1997
    Photos Album 2 Vietnam 1999
    Photos Album 3 Melbourne 1999
    Photos Album 4 Singapore 1998-1999
    Photos Album 5 Vietnam 2000
    Photos Album 6 My beloved dragon boat team
    Singapore 2000.
    Photos Album 7 Vietnam 2001, forgot to bring the camera, so couldn't take much.
    Photos Album 8 My 2001 travels to Malaysia and Thailand with my friend David from Australia. Had so much fun I hate to be back to work :-(
    Photos Album 9
    Photos of me and my girlfriend Mitz. Happy to share this with our friends and relatives
    My writing
    Short stories, some poems that I've written (Mostly in Vietnamese although I do have some English translations here and there)
    What types ? See for yourself what types of friends you are, or somebody is.

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