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Phunkylizard would be the user name that stuck & thus has been the inspiration for the page theme
Go on then, have squizz at my first attempt at web page publishing & if you likes, scuffle back later to see what's new or Email me. The last update was carried out somewhere 2004

Disconcerning lizard legacy "fact of the day":

Lizardkind's ancient ancestor, the Velociraptor, turned out to be more of a forefather to the common KFC Chicken!

'How're you doing on that side George?'AUTOBIOGRAPHUNK'I'm getting reeeely tired! Jim.'

or wait!, why knot...
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OH!, to all those who wonder if they know me or knot,...I'm Pierre van Driel, phunkylizard@yahoo.com An Interior Architect, 33yrs of age, passing thyme as a resident designer at ARC Architects in SA.

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