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Personal Information

My name is Khoi Van Ho. I was born in Gia Dinh, VietNam on August 25th, 1975. My dad's name is Khoa Van Ho and my late mom's name is Long Van Bui.  I am very proud to carry the Ho's family name, not only it is short but it also has a long history behind it.  I have heard of stories about my ancestors five generations back from my dad.  I have three older brothers and no sister.  All of my siblings have been married.  My brother's names are Hai Van Ho, Khiem Van Ho, Khanh Van Ho.
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Professional Information

I currentlly am working as a Help Desk Support at Toronto Star.

My Favorite Web sites

 ZD NET  Windows 95 New Software   Scenes from VietNam  VN-GLBF  The Computer Paper
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