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You can also order Tennis and Violins #2 for $2 (split with Suburbia #8). It features Rachel Carns of Kicking Giant and the Need. Also, lots of essays and info.

I plan on posting reviews for all zines received throughout 1997, 1998, and 1999, as well as updating address information. Riot Girl Review and Tennis and Violins are both now defunct, but this website will remain a resource for feminist fanzines, resources, and music from 1994-1999. I am also planning on adding a message board and essays from past issues of my zine. Keep your eyes open!

Thanks to Ericka Bailie, Seth Bogard, Mimi Nguyen, Mimi Ilano, Matt Wobensmith, Jen Wolfe, Michelle Luellen/Basement Children, Ceci Moss, Kelli Williams, Bianca Ortiz, Adam Radcliffe, Susannah Kim, Laurie Chan, and my friends and family.

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